aloha beautiful. my name is amanda trusty, and i’m a 29-year-old tap dancer on a mission to be the change i wish to see in this world. or as i like to say it, to be the roar i’ve always been too scared to share with this world.


12/1/16: guys, it’s time to update this bio. I’ll work on it soon. But your roar girl’s been busy running the world. Check back soon. Love you.

currently known as “the roar girl”, i’m known for a body love burlesque piece that went crazy viral in november 2013, changing the way a lot of us think about sexiness, society standards, and self-love. i’ve been dancing since i’m three, binge-eating since i’m fifteen, battling depression as long as i can remember, and taking control of my life since i’m twenty-six. i’m here to raise awareness on emotional eating. i’m here to speak passionately on body love. i’m here to help performers know that they are not alone in their body battles and their self-love struggles. i’m here to make you laugh, and cry, and want more for yourself.

most of all, i’m here to help you fall in love with who you are, right this second.cropped-cropped-screen-shot-2014-03-23-at-12-18-05-pm1.png

born in may 2013 under the name “trust me, i’ve been there”, this blog specifically focused on eating, performing, and what it’s like to live in a body controlled by the entertainment biz up until november 2013. that’s when ROAR went viral – the burlesque tap dance piece where i ripped off the words “fat”, “cellulite”, and “suck it in” that were masking taped to my belly and my thighs while dancing to katy perry’s “roar”.  after one million people saw me strip down to my skivvies on youtube, i realized there was a great need for me to continue speaking on body love and my personal journey, but to a wider audience outside the broadway world.

so here i am. sharing my stories, laughing and crying, making noise, raising awareness, and writing for you. my goal? to be accessible. to make a change. to be the change, the aloha, and the roar that i wish to see in this strange and beautiful world.

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things you should know about me: i am a professional musical theatre actress, choreographer, and performer who has worked all over the country. i currently teach dance and choreograph – tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, lyrical, and musical theatre – for children in Hawaii from ages three to seventy. yes. seventy. i still call my dancing adults “children” because sometimes, they give me the same blank looks that the three-year-olds do.

my heart will always be in new york city and performing will always be in my bones. however, i love ice cream cake and nutella, and that’s sort of how this blog found itself a life. trust me when i say, i’ve been there, and i relate, and i got your back. you can email me any time that you want and although it might not be immediate, i will always get back to you.

miscellaneous: i don’t understand the point of pudding. is it yogurt? is it ice cream? it like, doesn’t even know what it is. i put avocado on everything. i think leopard print can brighten anyone’s day. i believe this world would be a better place if we all got ten hours of sleep every night. coffee is my favorite thing in this world. and (sigh), i would do anything to have the MTA build a subway train from honolulu to washington heights.

Not sure where to go next? I know, you’re still contemplating your feelings about pudding. I think this will help.

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all content here is property of amanda trusty unless otherwise credited. if you choose to share any photos, text, or blog posts, please link back to amandatrustysays.com. mahalo for your time.



  1. Amanda – your Roar clip is just AMAZING, it’s the most beautiful dance I’ve ever seen… Every time I hear Roar now I don’t think of Katy Perry I think of you. I’m a mum to a three year old boy and 26 weeks pregnant with my second son. When my boys are older I will be showing them this dance and explaining why they we should be proud to have women like you in the world. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

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