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Scholarship criteria announced!



I am so pleased to invite you to the second annual Restore Your Roar Re-boot Camp, being held on the Big Island of Hawai’i in 2016.

Join me at Kalani Oceanside Retreat where Olivia Petzy-Binning and I will take you on a ride of a lifetime. Of course there will be sea breezes, pineapples, and rainbows, but Hawaii has so much more to offer than that. After spending eight days (that’s right, two more than last year!) with us in the jungle – sweating, shimmying, and sharing – you’ll go home with more than a tan. You’ll be taking home indestructible body love, your newly cultivated inner roar, and lifelong support from Olivia and I. Discussions of emotional eating, guided meditations, and shrinking fears and self-doubt will bring our group of fourteen women together for a bond that, here in Hawai’i, we call “ohana”. Ohana means family. Join us. We are so ready to help you fall in love with yourself.

Well, what are you waiting for?!

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Restore Your Roar

(See you in Hawai’i, beautiful.)

Restore Your Roar 2016 Scholarship Criteria

We have several need-based scholarships this year available for interested women. There is $2000 available for scholarships in 2016, and the amount we are able to offer each woman will vary based on interest and availability. As we get to know you better through this process, we would love to hear from you regarding the following questions:

  • What is the last act of self-love you performed for yourself in your life?
  • What makes Restore Your Roar the women’s retreat of your choice? (movement sessions, emotional eating, swimming in Hawai’i, body love, bonding with women in the middle of a jungle, etc.)
  • What are you looking to take away with you after a week of Restore Your Roar?
  • What do you feel the Restore Your Roar experience can give you that you cannot immediately find in youreveryday life?
  • Is there anything else you would love for us to know about you? Financial status, life changes, big events on the horizon, etc?

Please send us your essay ( by July 25th, so that we can announce scholarship recipients by August 1st. And by the way, we use the word “essay” lightly – it can be a video, it can be a list of bullet points, it can be made up of GIFs. We just want to get to know what you need and how we can best assist you. Most importantly, we want your submission to represent YOU.

*Once we announce our scholarship recipient, we will need a commitment in the form of a deposit to Kalani from each recipient no later than August 15th unless a prior arrangement is worked out. This is to ensure that the scholarships are being used by those who need it, and if a participant changes their mind, we can offer their scholarship to another woman in need.

Can’t wait to read all about you! Woohoo!


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  1. I messaged you once before but haven’t heard back… My best friend and I are super interested in attending RYR!! We are wondering if you will ever consider hosting the event somewhere that ISN’T clothing optional? That’s a really big sticking point for us and the only thing keeping us from joining in.

    Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi Cynthia! One of the beautiful things about our retreat is the clothing optional pool, and all of our participants love it! As of now, Kalani is the only place we will be holding RESTORE YOUR ROAR, and I hope you’ll reconsider! You don’t have to go in or around the pool if it makes you that uncomfortable, but I want to ask you if this experience might be just the thing that turns your mind around about your body and being naked. It’s freedom, and it’s beautiful, and everyone that comes to Kalani has the choice to experience it or not. Not everyone goes to the pool and takes their suit off, that’s the beauty of it being optional! We hope you’ll join us for an amazing week!

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