I’ve written two blog posts in the past month about forgiving my career, and New York City, for the bruising I’ve allowed both to cause me. This 20th blog post, is the wrap up for those two posts.

About three weeks ago, I performed a burlesque piece in a fundraiser for Hawaii Gay Pride.


While I literally peeled the words “cellulite” and “suck it in” off my body, as a part of the piece I created in order to share my journey, I thought to myself, “This is Broadway to me.”

I think this video speaks a million words for my journey, and no more explanation is needed, other than explaining that burlesque is an art form where clothing is removed. So you will see skin. You will see all of my passion. And you will hear screams from over 200 people who have shared part of my journey with me, and have probably been on some version of it themselves.

If you can relate, or you think that this message is as important as I do, please share this. Tweet it to @Upworthy. Submit it to Gawker. Tweet it to Katy Perry. Share it on Facebook.

#Roar, and, mahalo for your time.



  1. Absolutely amazing. I love it. You are amazing!!!

  2. Thank you!

  3. So fierce. So hot. Love it!

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  6. Loved your performance! Hope it goes viral to spread the message. FYI, there’s going to be an incredible Iowa Burlesque Festival this weekend. Look up Dannielle Diesel from “American Pickers. She’s running it, and is a dancer herself.

  7. This was amazing and it made me cry. I am going through a rough time with my own body and it was so beautiful and powerful to watch you dance like that. Your blog and your story are such an inspiration to me. You are a beautiful human being, inside and out. Thank you.

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  9. Absolutely fantastic!!!!

  10. You’ve grown up to be one hell of an amazing young woman…now I can say.. I knew her when…Go you!

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  12. FANTASTIC!!!! You are an inspiration! =))

  13. Beautiful. Powerful. Joyful!

  14. Beautiful, amazing, and absolutely wonderful!

  15. I’m not the biggest fan of HuffPo, but I’m so glad they covered your performance or I would never have seen it! I am in love with the piece and and your performance, and you (jealous of the love of your life that makes you smoothies :P)!

    I just read your other post about saying goodbye to New York and being in Hawaii and it was so thoughtful and spoke to me. And as someone coming from law school at UCLA back to Minnesota because it turns out I don’t want to be lawyer, I’m pretty far away from NYC or Hawaii – which showcases how touching your writing is.

    Anyway, what I’m trying to say is – you’re talented and beautiful! Best of luck to you.

  16. You are amazing! I’ve watched this ten times. Bravo. Please keep doing what you’re doing and sharing this important message.

  17. JoAnna Sychterz Blair

    Inspiring! Strong! Beautiful! I got goosebumps and cried when I watched your performance. I shared it on Facebook for my mother, my nieces, my sisters (the ones I am related to and ALL the others). Thank you.

  18. Shared it on facebook. So inspirational for women everywhere!

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  21. You are my HERO[INE]. Keep up the great work, Sister.

  22. Reblogged this on Wiccanwoman – my blog and commented:
    This woman is my HERO[INE]. Enjoy!

  23. Wow- this is truly incredible. Please check out the blog post I just wrote up to feature you on

    We are here to support you anyway possible. Xx

  24. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I’m a Christian minister, and try to encourage people to live with passion. You embody it!!

  25. Thank you so much for this video. No one would know to look at me, but I struggle with body image issues, and swallow a bit of guilt with any food that makes it past my lips. This made me feel like I’m not alone. You are heroic, beautiful and very talented. Please keep creating!!

  26. Brilliant and beautiful. Found your blog via the post on Elephant Journal — you deserve kudos forever for this!

  27. Mahalo!!! I love this and have shared it with my girlfriends to send them some fierce and inspiring energy! I might have to watch this every morning when i wake up!!! Awesome!

  28. I’ve struggled with body image for most of my life. Thank you for encouraging me to roar!!

  29. Really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your powerful energy and the message that we’re so much more than our individual parts. Truly, thank you!

  30. This was awesome! You are fierce and beautiful, and I am glad that you shared this portion of your journey with the world.

  31. Amanda (Melissa’s sister here, met you with my daughter in May); just want to say what an amazing journey! Was there the day you got the call! This is so inspiring and I really hope both my daughters see it and take note! Thank you for your bravery

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  34. Starla Dawn Hornez

    When i watch your Video It brings Chills up my arms and then by the end I’m crying. Your Amazing Inspiration. As a plus sized women my whole life i always have been comfortable with my body..Somewhat there is always just this little tug at the back of my mind that maybe i do need to be a size 5 to be beautiful but just seeing this video takes even the tiny tug away..Thanks so much for doing what you do and did.

  35. Absolutely inspiring you have a beautiful body and aren’t afraid to show it this kinda made my day have been battling with my body for years thank you for sharing this!!

  36. You are extraordinary, congratulations. I was moved to tears. I will spread this large and wide xxx Yiu are an inspiration, not only to women and girls but to boys being raised and to men whi are willing to get it. I am proud to be a woman and would love to know you personally and in all of us xxx
    Thank you

  37. Love your work Amanda! In downtown little old Perth, Western Australia, a million miles away from NY and all your city has to offer, you bought a tear to my eyes and a smile to my face and I’m ready to bop my less than perfect body all throughout my house. Thank you. You’ve lit up the world today. Hugs, Deanne

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  41. you rock !!!!!

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