what is this whole ROAR movement thing exactly?

well, it started with this video right here, containing a burlesque dance full of body love and self-acceptance that went viral on YouTube in November 2013:

coverage on the body positive video was featured on Huffington PostElephant JournalShape MagazineJezebelThe Frisky, and many blogs. It was even featured in UK’s most popular women’s magazine, LOOK Magazine, in late November 2013.

Look Page 1look22

(special thanks to Corinne Redfern, the amazing and understanding woman who conducted this interview with warmth and humor!)

Roar 2: The Celebration

after the first ROAR video rippled through the world, i knew that i had to keep the momentum going. so i asked everyone who reads this here blog to send me pictures of themselves in their undies, using their own masking tape and positive words. this right here, is the result of their amazing courage:

okay, fine. so you made a couple videos. now what?

well, it takes a lotta freakin’ courage for every woman, and every man, to remove the negative labels we’ve allowed society to stick to us. and once we are free of those labels, we find that we look at life in a whole new way. the beauty then comes when we begin sharing that new outlook with the people around us. slowly, you and i can change this airbrushed, brainwashed, artistically squashed world. love is way more powerful than hate – in regards to the way we treat others and the way we treat ourselves.

Hec__ruWC4c7nflxz7WhsvC2x8IEf9eC6Dcwqgpazg4,Y7VHPS93x7Lm95ZjzVRBTD8rZ4_94b7Ua_45Iv1zW3Ywhat i want you to know, is that the body love party is happening whether we like it or not. so, we might as well jump on the dance floor and do what we can to spread the message! celebrating our bodies and our happiness, is how we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

so, how can you join the ROAR movement?

  • you can join me on the big island of hawai’i in january 2015 for the very first Restore Your ROAR workshop that will be held at kalani oceanside retreat. join us for six days of shimmying, sweating, and sharing in the beautiful and healing jungle of hawai’i.
  • you can share ROAR, or something from the blog archive, with a friend or a family member who you think needs to see it, and pay the compassion and the empathy forward.
  • you can contact me with additional questions, ideas, comments, or share your story here.

7 Replies to “roar”

  1. Hello Amanda: My name is Heather Vance and I am a dance studio owner in a small town in Ontario Canada. I have been searching for a campaign for my dancers to get behind in order to encourage them to use their talents to spread powerful messages. I came across your blog and of course your video and would love your input on how our studio can spread the word about this powerful message.

    I want to do more than just teach these young students to dance.

    Many Thanks

  2. If women loved their bodies they would be more healthy. Being fat isn’t healthy take control of your diet so you don’t die when your forty from diabetes, heart attack, cancer, stroke or cardiovascular disease. Why are your visions so skewed.

    1. I’m 68 and have been fat most of my life. My blood pressure is low normal, I don’t have high blood pressure, and I’m probably healthier and happier than you are. You sound like a very unhappy person.

      1. You’re right. I am unhappy. I am extremely unhappy you took the time to write such a ridiculous response to someone trying to empower women. I don’t think this is the blog for you.

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